What do you do when you fall in love with one of your best friends but you can’t quite bring yourself to stop by the train to visit him? Sometimes it takes doing it in steps (see: distance travelled). Sometimes it takes creating a special space that your life has to compliment. Sometimes it’s all about the artifice of your home; the stuff that gives you something to be proud of. Check out this special bedroom in Detroit, Michigan!

The total square footage of this renovated room is about 100 square feet (100 square meters). Okay, lots of that and I think it’s enough as it is. This clever bedroom is the perfect home for your friends who spend the night over every night. For some reason this room doesn’t look like a shared space or kind of cluster of rooms. This is mostly because it’s very little and the dark colours fill the space a little and make it seem even cozier.

I like the fresh air and the fact that the bed is placed under a skylight, making the room lit early on and nice looking, too. The headboard stands out by itself and isn’t just because of the picture hanging above it. That has a double function: helping to make the bed look up and welcome the eye, and giving it a special place to rest. If you are curious to find out more details about this renovation project, head to ikeahackers.

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