This contemporary bedroom is located in Danbury, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It was designed by Minarc.

Bedroom Renovation in Danbury by Minarc:

“The clients brief was to completely strip out the bedroom and bring back the existing cluttered bedroom and make some use of the area to unclutter the space and create a flow throughout the bedroom that opened up the area and established a new flow.

Apart from the existing flooring issue, the main restrictions were being too close to the rear and too far out the window, so we introduced Butcher-Knoll fibre-cement panels to deal with the space constraint of an internal storey. We introduced a concrete bench that unifies both the front and the rear of the bedroom when used as a seating item in the bedroom. We added bold, geometric and colourful wall coverings to create a bold visual experience.

To round up the colour palette we introduced a combination of two shades of blue on the wall and one of red as a dominant colour on the wardrobe. The red was a chosen detail because of its impact on the existing channel spine.

The result is a bedroom that’s completely revamped and which is still as bright and effective as it was before.”

Photos by: James Coombe

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