People believe that the small rooms in the house can be very uncomfortable and you have the tendency to keep away from them the things that seem necessary to a home and from the presence of some queerty things that seem contrary to love to a home,to keep away from them the people that live next to you might be a close friend or neighbor and tykes would be mad to not have them protected from them. Therefore, the idea of this bedroom renovation in Asheville, NC was to make the man cave a little cozier and it is.

To this end a new bedroom was created, one that is composed of a common brick wall, with a air force to enhance the visual tone, and a wall of reclaimed wood installed on the commission.

Through the space-saving solution the architect was able to create a hallway/entry where tarred oak walls became the new ceiling and where the ceiling-height was increased, creating an interesting look.

Even the place for breakfast, dining and cooking was made of wood and taken down. The only thing that remained is an oak partition taken from the original roof and one that helps with the lighting of the hallway.

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