This bathroom suite is located in Yakima, Minamisecta, Japan.

The colors and materials used are warm, minimalist, and elegant, giving the space a sense of serenity.

Bathroom Renovation in Yakima by Furu:

“A newly remodeled bathroom in the sectionial and hallway of a sectional housing area in the building. Exposed concrete flooring and wall blocks conventionally established in the layout of the bathroom. In order to take advantage of light and maximize the presence of a large window in the bathroom, the interior walls were removed while a large quantity of ceramic tiles were placed, giving a glazed scene facing the view and linking the bath area to the washroom.

The project was accomplished by holding true to the main goal; to thoroughly improve the appearance of the bathroom, both inside and out. “We planned the design so that we could clearly present a minimalist and contemporary style,” said the client. And so, the bathroom was completed in 2012.

Its stylish wooden exterior contrasts with the noble and modern shape of the washroom’s, providing a stylish highlight to this residential area.

Both in the exterior and interior, the walls of the bathroom are covered with tiles that create a unique experience of rough and seamless marble in the marble sink, which is accompanied by a “sphere” of light in the form of illuminated fixtures.

The dining room table is also made of marble in the shape of a kitchen island. This clear contrast of material is a bold stroke of design that draws the eye immediately, making the sense of entering the room complete.

Marble floors and white walls have been combined to create a sublime setting ideal for socializing. This is especially so in the room with beautiful white wallpaper and minimalist carpets.

An elegant seating area has been set up next to the corridor with thick wooden railings and beautiful red and white patterned cushions.

An additional sitting area in the room with a red cushion in the striking red and white combination is more cosy and intimate, perfect for someone who likes to host guests.

The ensuite bathroom is almost the same design as the one in the living room, but in the way it is designed is slightly more spacious, something that is important when creating your master suite.

Another bathroom that was designed producing a greater number of different colors is this one in the guest room.

Even in the bedroom it looks like the plan of a colorful Mediterranean style scattered here and there.

A great example of how marble should be used sparingly is in the bathroom where white and dark marble can easily overpower the other materials used and become the main item.

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