Mix Interiors created an inspiring renovation in Seattle, Washington, USA.

The home, originally built in the 1980’s, was remodeled in 2010.

Bathroom Renovation in Washington by Mix Interiors:

“The clients had lived in and enjoyed their high ceilings for many years but had eventually realized that their existing location and small lot also made it difficult to continue lending the space its mid-century quality. Mix Interiors was assigned to reconfigure the floor plan and open up the previously cramped and cluttered spaces to create an open flow from the existing tiers to the new addition.

Based on the immediate footprint and strict budget limitations, Mix Interiors was able to capitalize on some creative storage space, adding two standing washbasin+cuber that commute but also serve as an en-suite bathroom.

While the original potential for the space was perfect with its vaulted ceilings and separate areas for the bathroom and laundry, the closets were small and dark.

The new configuration also took advantage of the existing telephone pole to extend a sleeping area to the side with a tub. Offering a glass wall behind the cubicle that opened to the living area, the telephone booth was clad in fiber cement to connect the new addition with the existing main space.

The S/H needed to maintain an open flow while still offering the clients the apartment a sense of privacy, so the S/H created an “L” shape adjacent to the existing building that is separated from the existing bedroom/bathroom wing.

The owners now have a sense of privacy and a sense of openness / openness that was what sparked their desire to reconfigure the floor plan and open the space up.

The previously reduced, gloomy 2nd basement was opened up to the living room, offering a calm sense of openness right next to the now clear focused interior.

At the same time the basement level offers a more intimate connection to the corridor, and the new exposed concrete structure offers a more direct link to the backyard, as it is built right up to the perimeter walls.

The new rear elevation of the rear addition extends further than the existing attic and pool area and while pitched roof lines relate to the original, a new raised louvered roof over the patio is expanding the outdoor living area and further activates existing interior spaces.

As with the existing attic floor, space was again carefully compressed to create an open flowing interior layout.

Inside the new addition both the living room and dining room are relocated for a more open concept layout that is more collaborative, social and also FUN.

The dining room features two large sections of perimeter porthole windows that can be hidden and opened up depending on which weather or activity you prefer to enjoy while seated next to the fireplace or the TV.

The new addition also replaces an existing bedroom with a new bathroom. While the original had hibernating bath, this addition has an en-suite bathroom, shower, powder room and views towards the views.

The new addition actually formed part of the original building, which was only 200sqm or 2,138sqft.

Olson Kundig

Photography © Benamin Schneider

As discussed above, the original addition was expanded into a master suite, which is connected to a terrace that opens up to the spectacular views.

The ensuite, with access to a bathing zone, also opens up to spectacular views.

Photos by: Benjamin Benschneider

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