This bathroom renovation by Archispekti was just completed last month.

The small space was originally cramped and dark, but the renovation took courage to give a lighter and more open dimension to the bathroom, while still paying attention to the structural system that would truly meet the owners aesthetic needs.

The bathroom is now an open, airy room; the doorless shower makes good use of the small and narrow space while the large mirror and large mirror above the vanity create an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and cozy.

Just what small design was desired in this renovated bathroom!

A chic and streamlined classic shape plays beautifully off of the ornate tiles that line the walls.

The vanity counter is also done in a sleek style – but in a much more contemporary finish.

Further proof that this was meant to be

The vanity has sleek drawers, while the drawers are a huge percentage of smaller size.

The matching mirror and dresser are made from similar wood tones, creating a unified and cohesive feel that’s modern.

The actual bathroom is a much bigger space than we’d usually imagine it to be, but the small room allows for everything that’s necessary.

Another great example of a renovation gone super modern is this tiny bathroom with one of the most inspiring, and rather hilarious, design.

Imagined by the designers, the bathroom has everything a modern bathroom should have with stylish and comfortable seating, mirror, and storage.

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