Bathroom Renovation in Santa Clarita is a project completed by Darren James in 2014.

The home is located in Santa Clarita, Texas, USA.

Bathroom Renovation in Santa Clarita by Darren James:

“Redesigned in the historic heart of the historic neighborhood of Santa Clarita, this Santa Clarita home was transformed for modern living. The original 1930s red brick style house was designed by a local architect recognizing its historical value. The result is an architectural heritage with modern clarity and detail.

The interior of the home was opened up to the outside creating an outdoor living room under a covered patio that allows outdoor living areas to seamlessly blend with the indoors under a roof. The existing hardwood flooring of the original house was re-claimed and introduced as a new layer to create softer seating areas and tables.

The existing outside shower outside the master bedroom was removed and a new galley kitchen was added. The galley room was extended to create additional bathroom space and to add a custom leather vanity. The shower and outdoor living areas were updated to embrace better flow and the outside shower becomes an interior room with fireplaces and views towards the house.

Redesigned glass windows and doors were used throughout the home. During the renovation, updates were made to the kitchen, such as the number two custom screwdriver installation on the side of the house and the color of the custom hood, and ergonomically designed storage spaces and the revamped master bathroom.

Lastly, the exterior entry areas and the new balconies were carefully restored to their original simple, yet refined, scale. The landscaping of the garden was also re-done to create a more tidy, classic expression.”

Photos by: Darren James

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