In West Pasadena, California, there once was an old historic house, previously in very poor condition. It was dark, dirty and smelled like decay. However, today, it is a 1,200 square foot, three bedroom, two bathroom, contemporary home that has not lost its character and charm. It has been renovated and transformed by architectural firm Ameenit Group that has made it the perfect modern home for it.

Part of the beautiful West Hollywood neighborhood, the neighborhood where this mansion is located is also known as “the most polluted area in the city”, according to official records.

The majority of the energy used to heat this luxurious home comes from solar panels and a roof-mounted solar heat pump. Although he budget has been reduced, this home still manages to include many eco-friendly features.

It has three small balconies that allows fresh air to enter the inner areas and a black-bluish hue on the roof contrasting with the white walls.

Since the entrance is elevated a few steps up, the house has a small foyer with a minimalist staircase, and a staircase. Left behind in the exterior is a small balcony and a covered one, which gives a view of the roof and the deck.

The living room is done in a combination of modern and retro details that give it an intriguing look, and a marble kitchen countertop that is complemented by upholstered black chairs.

Just outside is a medium-sized swimming pool that looks more like an outdoor pond than a swimming pool.

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