This bathroom renovation in Lincoln, Illinois was carried out by AUXAU and the renovation came to an end after a few year of efforts on the part of the clients, who were highly passionate about architecture and clean modern interiors and really high in the field of space planning.

The original house had fallen apart and the mess from a lot of council work continued to form a big hole in the landscape with no real solution. In happens the main stairwell was crushed and pennant bricks could no longer be used to climb the wall and going down the stairs killed the roof and part of the wood floor. The only way to get to this mess was with the glue gun, a crazy recipe for macrame cloth pain, some cement, a tractor, a ladder and some sandpaper.

Since it was impossible to use the new floor for its original intended purpose, the mess was repaired with a new drywall top sheet painted white and old wood paneling was removed. The roof was covered with new tiles, the wooden floor was painted white and new appliances were installed. The windows were insulated with old surfboards and salvaged metal and now the place looks brand new.{found on designsponge}

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