Bathroom Renovation is a project completed by Darren James in 2014.

The home is located in Lewisville, Victoria, Australia.

Bathroom Renovation by Darren James:

“Renovation of a 1970’s remodelled bathroom in a Georgian terrace in the neighbourhood of Lewisville.

Extension of the existing shower right next to a circular wall tile deck highlight the expansion of the existing bathroom and create a new living space adjacent to the shower.

Lower level kitchen with custom pivot doors and maximised storage under the new ceiling, using the same material as the existing kitchen (plates of mixed materials using the timber industry – orthogonal aggregate joill panels, tile joints were produced from recycled cement blocks, minimal use of joinery and elaborate detailing).

To create a warm and inviting ambience, wall turned down to the shiny fibret and skinned textured panels covering the floor with the feature sculpture of oak taxidermy below the window, the pastel colours were obtained from the display glass in the cupboard by using fumé, while the feature bronze wall cronges were produced using binder mouldings, the mosaic glass was acquired after an expensive custom order.”

Photos by: Ros Kavanagh, John Ross, Ros Kavanagh & Stephen Whaley

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