This bathroom renovation is located in Joliet, South Africa.

Designed by SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects, the project was a renovation of a preexisting structure, which was demolished to make way for this stunning private residence.

Bathroom Renovation in Joliet by SAOTA:

“The brief from the client was to create a dressing area and a spacious shower, which could be controlled by the customised plumbing which would respond to various body sizes could be achieved in such a short period of time, that the building could be used as a space for the clients where they could work and entertain clients.

The dimensions of the existing bathroom were challenging, and the structural company had to forego the option of painting the bathroom and instead create a bespoke sculpted tile system. This was achieved by installing a full height marble tile feet that cover the full height of the room where the tub is, and wraps around the headrest and the bath, and pivoting on the wall between the tiles.

The result is a feeling of relaxation in a modern environment – the contrast between the warm tone of the marble and the cold concrete ensures a balance that is enhanced by the thoughtful metamorphosis of the flooring.”

Photos by: OKHA

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