This contemporary renovation project in Johnson City, Texas, by Clearhouse Design, is a bold composition with a well-defined palette of colors and materials. The basement was renovated and three walls were removed in order to create a large open-space living room, dining room, and kitchen.

The ground floor is accessed by a new stair, which is the center of the house.

In its remodeling, the house was entirely redesigned, resulting in an interior layout of comfortable spaces that take advantage of the new window allowing in maximum light.

The most striking feature of the house is its brick walls. It is situated on the first floor, though not visible from the outside, and serves as a unique feature among the different types of walls.

The stairs are spacious, and take advantage of the wide space on which they rest.

By removing a few of the walls, the architects allowed fresh air to flow into the basement, preventing the natural cooling of the space.

Once inside the house, we find ourselves in a space characterized by the maximum use of white and gray.

This unique combination is an attempt to provide emotional and physical relief from the bright and vivacious light of midday Saudi sun.

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