The owners of this 171 square foot apartment located in Kapalua, Hawaii, asked 010 design to take on a delicate renovation that will showcase their pro tapasels and that would satisfy the needs of their family to make them feel “comfortable and happy in their home.” The brief clearly stated the purpose, which was to maximize the sense of space by simplifying the interior to the maximum of its articulation.

The renovation took place in the multipurpose space in the kitchen. As in most city apartments the kitchen is either directly accessible or indirectly from the living or dining room containing the living room. Thus the kitchen renovation sought to provide the residents the feeling of eating in their own kitchen setting where their appearance is the only component that is different and serves no other purpose, save sustaining the furniture.

The kitchen layout has been restructured so that the kitchen counter separates itself from the living room storage by a lacquered wood skin that slides on rubber bearings rolled on a central base panel. The counter generates a back-better alignment with the dining room table. All appliances are hidden, descending between the lower and upper cabinets. The stained lacquered wing wall that has continuously been coloured with reflective plates is removed and replaced by an assembly of multi-hued glass plastic plates that highlight the position of the dishes on the table. The plate glass is made out of triple insulated stainless steel, so the house shall be as bright as possible.

In the living room, the staircase has been moved further into the space, to the higher floor, and vice versa. Reception space has been increased and the use of the double space allows formation of a flat screen TV set. The upper floor marks a new approach to the dining room, providing a better using of space. In addition, the plafonds have been extended towards the chimney, creating places for sitting food and drinks.

In the hall, there is a small wardrobe pocket that is integral to the organization of the living room. All the wardrobe brings warm and silken qualities, which are enhanced by the aluminium wall. On the other hand, the bathroom is distinguished by the use of natural stone. The plafond walls enable rotation between the room, giving a new living arrangement.

This project is an example of how balconies can be accommodated in a city apartment without losing their functionality. A completely open space can result from a balcony, provided with suitable and comfortable furniture. This can create a new and original living arrangement for the owner, a young family, or a short-term rental space. Always make interiors comfortable and livable!

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