This bathroom renovation by Sunny Kim Design is the perfect example of how to create more space and enjoy your bathroom at its maximum warmth.From the renovation table we can see the important role the wooden cabinet placed in the room may play or the chic display system created by the new countertop.

The bathroom we can see has certainly a charm of its own. With its big mirror, elegant arching sides and warm colors, it stands out in this charming bathroom. We can enjoy the simple decor and furniture pieces. The bathroom has been designed in a very style. Simplicity is often the key.

Even in the middle of the bathroom it look like a relaxing spa. And since it is so welcomed and homely, all the furniture pieces have been chosen with great taste and high quality. We can also mention that the bathroom has a lot of storage areas, a place to keep the other belongings and a washing machine. It makes a great guest’s house. So, overall, this is a very elegant and beautiful décor, perfect to wake up in the morning and to start all the day.

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