This bathroom renovation was carried out by the Italian architectural firm ARCHSTUDIO, and is located in Fontana, the capital of the Italian province of Udine. Dating from the late 14th century, the home still retains some of its original charm, with many original elements still present.

Originally composed of two rooms and a small corridor, the layout was turned in favor of a more spacious and open layout, devising the floor plan and adding new walls and windows to the apartment.

Inside, the number of walls and the number buildings has been increased, adding to the storage capacity of the space.

Designed for use as a spa and relaxation haven, the bathtub, shower and toilet were remodeled and renovated.

The floors were treated with a special resin in order to create a porous surface which allows the reflection of the shadows.

The staircase and corridor were covered with new black parquetwood pieces, and new custom made furniture pieces were designed for the remodeled home.

In the evenings, the installation of the lights becomes magical, creating a perfect ambiance.

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