RH Modern is a project designed by Minacciolo & CLPD.

It is located in Elizabeth, Massachusetts, USA, and consists of a beach house and a renovated vintage wing from the 1980’s.

Bathroom Renovation in Elizabeth by Minacciolo & CLPD:

“An existing 1980’s beach house on a sloping site was renovated and expanded by the Boston firm of Minacciolo & CLPD to create a new living space and first floor master suite.

The minimalist deconstructed look gives the addition an industrial feel, complemented by the expansion of an existing roof deck. The window reshuffles, allowing light and views in all directions.

The main living space now extends beyond the front fence and features a double height window framing views in theyard outside. Two diagonal skylights placed at diagonal alignment provide natural direction to the space and carry daylight deep into the vaulted space.

A neutral color palette with a blue-gray limestone floor and white walls has been chosen as a contemporary nod to the ocean views.”

Photos by: John Galt

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