Often it is hard to when to celebrate the good old days and to have a clean and happy house. It is also when you are usually most interested in new improvements and modifications that help create a modern home. If you are looking for inspiration for creating a modern and clean contemporary bathroom in Detroit, then here is a small but inspiring renovation of a 1950?s Beverly Hills mansion built in the 1920’s. The idea of the designer was to create a new city and a new house and the time he consulted was when he was designing the Detroit house.

The house was not built in the “modern” blocks and so he decided to build a new house where he placed a new bathtub, new kitchen and new living room. To make this minimalist renovations and renovations to the bathroom, he covered the front of the house with glass so that the owner can enjoy the views of the garden and the sunset from inside the bathroom.

He also used to paint the front and the front deck with different colors, but this time he used transparent glass for the bathroom. The glass is a great multipurpose item as it can be used as a lot of things, including a sink, a washing machine, a storage space, maybe a closet, and so on. To find out more he can visit his old house and compare the different items inside.

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