This project was carried out by Vuesse De L’Aigle, a Barcelona-based architecture firm with offices in Lyon, Lyon, Barcelona, and Lisbon. It consists of the renovation of a bath that is located in the attic of a residence in Canton de Mar, a district of the Marbella Canton in Spain. The project consisted of the total redecoration of the space in the attic, and the renovation of its interior paving and tiles.

It is located in a building of small dimensions that could become a real oasis if given some attention, and is located in a building of homogenous materials – wood and concrete that when combined, gives the expression of a golden sand colour.

The designs resulting are simple, balanced, and elegant, with the wood finishing top floor a white marble and the stairs that seem to float on this dark green concrete.

The bathroom is spacious and has a simple design, with a big mirror above the washbasin that gives us a feeling of spaciousness.{found on designboom}

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