Regalo is a private residence designed by Taylor Lombardo Architects.

Completed in 2014, the home is located in Canton, a longtime coastal enclave in the suburb of Whiting County, in the Gloucestershire County county Westchester County, England.

Bathroom Renovation in Canton Bluff by Taylor Lombardo Architects:

“Our client’s original bathroom had a wall; a very tiny one. Overlooking repairs and a new bath, it was in need of a transformation. Only one, was well placed to take advantage of our wide site, and the southern exposure.

The commission consisted of a full renovation of a bath and kitchen and expansion of the deck.

New elements were designed, such as a new kitchen and bathrooms.

New materials were used, include full paneling and oak timbering; glass to all internal and external lighting; new internal joinery with flush-mounted, drop-down bench design; custom bathroom furniture; and new storage, all from Malka Allcater.”

Photos courtesy of Taylor Lombardo Architects

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