This bathroom renovation came with the specific request of owner with a young family, more exactly a young couple. Owned with a good eye for aesthetics with a hypersized tub and good taste in interior d├ęcor the couple arranged it themselves.

The ground floor was opened up with the purpose of getting better access to the parking space surrounding the house. A patio was also created giving better visibility and lighting to the entry point.

Most of the design is inspired from the sun-bathing path taken from the front door, the ornate pattern used on the new front dutch door and the small bench placed in front of the bath tub.

Most of the walls are white, but there are some splashes of colors as well, and there is also small addition of wood. Furniture is made from budget type, and the bath tub, windows and doors are all oak. The flooring choice gives the room an elegant look.

The renovation comes very short with the cost of the renovation that stands at 6500$. This will be the budget for the house to be ready for the owners.{found on houzz}.

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