This apartment renovation in Boise, Idaho is what we would call a “dream home”.

It was designed by architect Chris Corthi in collaboration with TONS Architecture.

The home is located in the Kangaroo Valley, a small community of modern homes within a large city.

Bathroom Renovation in Boise by Chris Corthi:

“This remodel of an existing 1990s expansion (the 1,550 square foot Kangaroo Residence) is designed as two interconnected pavilions. One central pavilion includes all living and private spaces at the beginning of the home, and two smaller, secondary pavilions contain two bedrooms and bathrooms up next.

The first pavilion, designed as a shared family home, begins at the entry gate which includes a garage and wine room, and leads past an organic, glass-walled entry porch to a covered porch which, in turn, houses a family room, kitchen, breakfast room, garage, laundry, and play area for children. The second pavilion, designed as a guest house, includes a living and sleeping space with two bedrooms and a bathroom for the kids.

The entry floor includes a family room, kitchen, and dining room which is open to the living pavilion and to a framed porch. The second floor includes the sleeping spaces and, across the street, a family room and three bedrooms.

The project is an example of how to maximize space and functionality at the critical most basic and important levels.”

Photos by: Maxwell MacKenzie

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