Appleton, NY, has once been famous for its apple trees, now this stunning, historic house has one of the most unique bathroom patios we’ve ever seen! Designed by Tom Reisenbichler, this wallpapered, trellised bathroom is the perfect modern retreat from the hectic pace of the city. From the outside, you might not get a better or more inventive bathroom per chance!

The original brickwork of the bathroom is matched by a gorgeous, wooden washbasin. A simple line of white tiles defines the room and limits the palette used to create a focal point. The white tiles protect the wooden flooring from any mess and it’s really nice to see that the towels have been specifically chosen to match the style and be in harmony with the rest of the bathroom.

With tiled walls, the designer had to be creative and break the monotony of the bathroom. In the middle, a very modern, sculptural, open bathtub in black is accompanied by a set of white, round toilet-paper dispensers. Toward the far end, we’ve seen the transformation of the shower into a glass ball. No longer is there a chance to get ready for the day – in a shower you would expect to find whatever is taking a pounding on your legs and face, and in this bathroom, no such thing!

That’s how it should be with a modern bathroom design, right?

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