This bathroom renovation in Albany, New York was carried out by Cary Bernstein.

The interior makes use of vibrant color and clean lines to add a touch of warmth and comfort to the room.

This bathroom Renovation in Albany by Cary Bernstein:

“A renovation of a triplex of some 600 square feet constructed in the 60’s. Our clients, after investing in the home, had grown to its challenge of creating a casual and comfortable lifestyle. We were responsible with the renovation of the bathroom and entry hall: to open the space up to the south facing windows while still using an adequate distance between the wall of operable glass and the triangular footprint of the space; to make a bathroom that felt more like a spa and less like a utilitarian space; to bring light down to the areas where it needed it the most, and ultimately to contrast the spaces that would normally meet the walls to create a more intimate place to be.”

Photos by: Peter Molick

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