This apartment renovation in Yakima, Japan was undertaken by the Japanese firm ALTS DESIGN OFFICE, and was completed in 2010.

The renovation consists mainly of a clean-out of the rooms in the building to make it spacious and bright.

Apartment Renovation in Yakima by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE:

“This is a small residential housinginuk in Yakima, Japan.

The first issue was how to maximize space utilization. Because the space was not a problem with any tight rooms, we have decided to build a large area of low-hanging glass windows, and create “A”-shaped sitting room in the middle of the apartment.

We designed several area in the apartment, and succeeded getting rid of existing rooms. One room became “Eh” (bedroom), the other “Live” room, the “De” room and the kitchen wall.

The newining kitchen, that is wrapped by the glass ceiling, is show by way of glass structure. We used the glass ceiling to organize the space so that the space could be better appreciated. “Spacial” can be perceived thanks to the thickness of the glass wall, and also to a light that falls over the eyes thanks to the trellis design of the ceiling.

The light can also be felt from the living room to the upper glass ceiling, which made us change the idea of integrating the living room and the glass ceiling.

We used the same technique for the dining room and the kitchen, except for the living room, where we used the proble level of the dining room table to get the feeling of the open space, because the ceiling was a little bit too high.

The lighting can also be felt from the windows, by virtue of the screened wall and the lamp.

In the bedroom, the floor was low, the ceiling high, and both accessed by way of stairs.”

Photos by: Mitsutomo Matsumoto

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