Apartment Renovation in West Covina is a residential project completed by ixdesign.

It is located in West Covina, Pennsylvania, USA.

Apartment Renovation in West Covina by ixdesign:

“Our clients, a young couple with a baby, were looking for an urban residence that had the potential to meet their expectations. Through extensive research we found not only that the site was beautiful and had spectacular views, but the clients did not feel intimidated by the idea of an urban apartment.

Although their existing home was poorly designed, they felt that one needed to be done with it, for its sake, and for the sake of the building that had so much character.

We procured all of the materials required for the renovation, including the main level of the house, a newly constructed garage, a basement, and a roof deck.

With the main house wrapped in a wood and metal skin, the couple gave the space a more modern feel, choosing this style over others based upon their own tastes.

They wanted to keep parts of the original structure, but avoided cutting it all down or anything of the value.

The basement of the apartment was dug out and re-built to house a den, a guest bathroom, and a powder room. The large window in the master bedroom, however, was shrunken to only serve for a window.

The family photo booth in the front room serves as a nice place for the couple to hang their family photos out, face, and mask for the next day.

In the space between the kitchen and master bedroom, a storage area has been designed to be used anytime there is an emergency need.

Aside from the minimalist layout of the main social spaces, which are connected by a light-colored wood staircase, other spots have been given more thought. One side of the staircase is lined with bookshelves where the owners’ art collection has been placed. On the other side is a small media area, made to complement the couple’s love of television and DVD collection.

Several areas around the house have been made more comfortable and immaculate by the installation of wooden shutters that can be removed whenever desired.

The wooden shutters work in partnership with the staircase to create a sleek and curated look that is both cozy and cosy.

Images by Kevin Ponnam and Christine Varenga

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