Apartment Renovation in Waterbury is a project completed by Shands Studio in 2014.

The home is located in Waterbury, an affluent neighborhood of Cape Town, South Africa.

Apartment Renovation in Waterbury by Shands Studio:

“We were given the opportunity to explore the intimate spaces of this penthouse apartment, and include all of the excitement of the Live/Work apartments at the Soho district in Waterbury.

We were introduced to the apartment via a cut-away door and the master bathroom that separates the bedroom and the living and dining spaces. The exposure of the apartment necessitated us to introduce skylights and big windows throughout the whole penthouse, and hence we introduced windows in the kitchen, we designed a huge lounge and dining table, matching the size of the window in the master bedroom, that sits about six metres (19.7 feet) above the apartment main-dining area.

The lounge area features a huge living edge foam sofa (1,683mm square), with ash glass legs and black leather upholstery. It has been complemented with a Palladian barrel end table and an Italian marble lamp, both set in a corner by the window.

The apartment/dining room has a glass wall with a huge three-metre (nine-foot) table, that has also been set on fire.

In the evening, we removed the tie?up of the bed with a drape dragging across the room, and thus hung the hanging bed from the ceiling, with a small lamp by day.

The décor was, originally, mostly one big room, cut into three cubic volumes, and distributed in one big long space, which was then made telescopic.

We placed the other two cubic volumes in the adjoining in depth of the lot, so as to enlarge the living and dining room.

The top two cubic volumes are used as the children’s rooms, which we later chose to subdivide slightly, giving each a new bathroom and storage area.

The top two cubic volumes make up the guest room and the office, facing the street and the roof garden.

The cellar, originally intended as the room and bathrooms, is now used as the kitchen, and the top floor is a living room, dining room, tv room and a small library.

The original entry door was recovered, and the mirrored door painted white in front of it, seeking to highlight the room and its compact dimensions.

The recovery of the sliding door, the reflective Plexiglas cabinet and the Citrine lamp were modernised, and a new lampshade was fitted in the wall.

This new entrance window, and the new wide wooden window towards East, expand the house into the garden, the pebble floor extend the kitchen and the library, and a new lampshade was fitted in the Citrine cabinet, the original one being demolished.

New slate floor were laid, the same as in the bathrooms, in order to give a good overall finish.”

Photos by: Steve Pezo

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