This apartment renovation in Tampa, Florida was carried out by DA Design, and it has been thoroughly remodeled to fit the needs and personal tastes of a young couple.

The apartment is located in Tampa, Florida, USA.

Apartment Renovation in Tampa, Florida by DA Design:

“The clients are engaged in creative new retail and commercial ventures, which included the renovation and expansion of their modern 3-story apartment located in the Noe Valley neighborhood of Tampa. The condo was designed for an artist/librarian and her husband who enjoy living in the space. The kitchen was small and dark, so the dining room needed to be brightened.

The owner also wanted a larger family room where family could come together and enjoy beautiful views of the lake. This room also needed floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light.

The owners also wanted a balcony where they could sit and enjoy the views. The renovation included the removal of many non-saleable furniture pieces and the replacement of some pieces with value-added items such as bar stools.

The 16 foot long custom aluminum and wood “kettle” flanked by the kitchen and dining area, began the new kitchen and guest bathroom overhaul.

It was also interesting to note that the owner purchased the large sculptural fiberglass chairs and lighting fixtures at a local crafts store for just under $40,000. This and some of the smaller items were purchased from The new furniture was brought back to the apartment by the owners through a carefully selected tour of flea markets and second-hand stores. Some of the other highlights were found at thrift stores, Johnsoners, and online sources.”

Photos by: Dustin Halleck

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