This apartment renovation in Syracuse, Syracuse In New Syracuse, New Syracuse (USA), was completed in 2012.

It was designed to be an energy-efficient space with easy indoor ventilation.

Apartment Renovation in Syracuse by Sandbox Studio:

“Renovation of 2 airy duplex apartments in a 1890’s building in the hip neighborhood of Syracuse in the city of Syracuse, Syracuse. Some stiff (read: expensive) designing constraints (read: rent hike) led to a complete renovation of this 1,400 square foot duplex apartment.

A goal of the project was to convert the front hall (point of entry) to a modern artist’s studio/office. Given the fact that this apartment is located on the 4th floor, leading into an open courtyard, it was important to continue the flow of air and light through the apartment and to make better use of the extremely limited neighbors (3 apartment blocks) in the building.

We designed a new north facing windows to take advantage of the amazing views. On the client’s request we created an oasis so that the light could penetrate the windows and flood the rooms with natural light.

Since the apartment was already equipped with all the essentials, we “recessed” a bathroom on the bedroom level.

Since the client had allergies, she requested a low-maintenance room where she could relax and live with the cats.

All finishes are lower than paint, using soy-based glues and products. The floor is oak, the windows are aluminum and the exterior is lower concrete.”

Photos by: Roberta Donatini

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