Apartment Renovation in Sebastian is a project completed by Malmo through architecture.

The home is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Apartment Renovation in Sebastian by Malmo through architecture:

“Renovation of an apartment located on the 9th floor in a 19th century building built in the heart of Vasastan, in Malmo.

This 120 sqm (1,184 sqft) apartment is being arranged as a family home for a aging couple who needs a bigger home.

The renovated space comes with a large reception area and a kitchen, and more private rooms like the children’s rooms and the parents’ rooms.

The apartment has two levels with a total area of 311 sqm (3,229 sqft) divided in four rooms. Since in the last decade the original distribution had changed completely and was probably closer to 80 sqm (863 sqft), we have planned all the spaces in the apartment, but we kept the original moldings that are nearly 100 years old.

In most rooms the ceiling has been painted white, in the private areas black, and in the rest of the spaces yellow or it varies between beige and grey with a small “pop of color” in the kitchen, where ever more black is introduced.

We discovered in the apartment a classic composition of 90s – 70s – 80s – contemporary. In the kitchen the enrichment of stainless steel (FSC certified) cabinets and appliances by Galileo was very much needed.

We got the job done by arranging the furniture in a way that fits the original pattern and colors of the general space, which is achieved by virtue of the contrast between white floors and black cabinets, as well as black appliances.

We managed to let the personal characteristic of each individual inhabitant shine by mixing only the kitchen equipment, a black shallow cooking island which made the living room more visually challenging and overall comfortable to accommodate.

The original floor belonging to the old couple, bathroom and daughters rooms was kept and painted white, while the living room and bedroom were kept in their original state.

In detail, we managed to put the lines in a beautiful mahogany board with mahogany veneer, and painted it gray to make them contrast with a gray background.

The original copper ceiling from the firs south of the apartment were preserved, and went into the detail design for the coating around the leading light fittings. This decision, along with the intention of creating a unique and multifunctional kitchen island, was leading the project to the finishing touches.

The creation of a line of seating in the dining area allowed us to separate the dining from the living and create a more visually comfortable area. A line of steel base sliders, which could otherwise remain invisible, were revealed as a result of this decision to remove the dividing partition of the dining room.

To make it possible to see all the ceiling views from the living and dining areas, we proposed a high cinema system behind a white box, which is concealed by a great deal of the wall and can be rotated every six inches in order to provide you with perfect movement throughout the space.

The idea of the cool addition of the cinema, besides being used for movie viewing, is that you can watch your favourite programme, and enjoy a new episode without having to be stuck in the living for the whole evening.

It is a great idea that if you move a piece of furniture you can put it up where you need it and then take it down with ease.

A very similar approach was used in the living room. We have created a corner office as an integrated space of the living room where we currently work, watch TV and simply chat.

The bedroom is a very relaxing place where we can relax alone or have a good night’s sleep.

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