Apartment Renovation in San Buenaventura is a project completed by Estudio Dayan in 2014.

It is located in San Bueno Vista, Spain.

Apartment Renovation in San Bueno Vista by Estudio Dayan:

“Apartment Renovation in San Buenaventura is a typical example of how contributors, usually architects, have dealt with this type of projects.

There was a time when this type of projects were not distributed very well, and there was only one or very small apartment to be maintained.

The social areas are always located in the higher level in order to take advantage of the view of the parks and the nature path.

Nowadays it’s a very fashionable project, creating a very beautiful and modern apartment. It must be located in a good location, with nice views and good natural light.

The apartment is actually composed of two different: the bedroom and the living room. Both are connected to the bedrooms via a long corridor, where the bathroom and the dressing room are.

Near this bathroom and in the living room there is a very beautiful and comfortable sofa designed by Martina Carpin, from Naulo Collection. It is also the living room where you can read a book, enjoy the fireplace or catch the new adage about the Michelinawork.

The bathroom has all modern things, such as a large mirror that makes you see how you accumulate there possessions, a tap, in-floor heating, doors with automatic openings to preserve the cleanliness.

In the end, as the project suggests, some extra space is always welcomed and we can see that it’s not only the living room that allows the view of the Eiffel Tower, but the bedroom itself.”

Photos by: morephotos

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