This apartment renovation was carried out in 2014 by Bloem I Paar at Door 1 Statt & Bloem I Paar.

The home is located in North Port, The Netherlands.

Apartment Renovation in North Port:

“We have to admit it: The renovation of this 443 sq.m. apartment at the edge of the NFF tower in Cape Schweigenotesberg takes a lot of finesse. The client wanted a big canopy and a snaking timber-clad staircase connecting the bedroom and the open plan kitchen in the daytime and an imposing draped master bedroom with a canopy and a sliding door separating the open kitchen from the dining room. The challenge? Handle still: hang the TV and the front door. So the first step was to strengthen the front by doing away with all kinds of doors and windows it didn’t stand before. Also, the existing first floor was removed and replaced by a two-storey 220 sqm residential unit. In order to make this apartment bigger, a new took place necessary to link the kitchen to the living room and to bring some more light in. A big floating staircase was added to link the two units and also to display the new dynamic space above the new apartment.

The most important thing is a new layout that brings together all the old and the new: old and new. The materials chosen (wood, steel, concrete and glass) are all raw materials that emphasize the age of the space. In a space of that size, every inch of space is important. This new layout makes the most of the existing areas and brings them to life: a whole new way of living, a new light and a new way of accomplishing the formerly expressed volume.

This apartment was renovated thanks to the willingness of the client to discard any old illusions andforth focusing on the present, specially concerning the bathroom and the toilet. In order to open up the space, the new layout was arranged so that the bathroom and the toiletion area should be liberated from the upper part of the ceiling that originally divided them apart, but which was too high to be useful. In that way, they were installed as an open space as possible and made efficient.

“We chose twisted wood as a fitting finish” Dimitry Potapnik, the designer of this apartment told us. “We also choose a yellow color for the kitchen where most of the appliances are white and wood and natural wood color contrasting with the wall color. Yellow color for fixtures such as cupboards, floor cooking areas and even doors and a large bar cart on the walls.”We have to admit, the bathroom is not a large space and it has a poor lighting and wall closet, which is a real challange an able to do it right.”Dimitry Chukhlinghotel, the designer and owner of this stylish space told us.”

Photos by: Maik Per Filtzik

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