Little Italy is a project designed by Gabriele Centazzo of Ma’estra e Dio Associati. It’s a renovation of an apartment located in Little Rock Plaza, Little Italy, for a family of four with two young children. The couple wanted a chic place for the children, a surprise for their apartment- for this reason, they gave the interior designer complete freedom, including the renovation of the bathrooms, entry and storage areas, and they made the apartment fully customizable. The focus was on the lifestyle, as the clients enjoy a minimalist lifestyle and clothes and jewelry accessories were carefully selected.

The designer used warm colors and materials such as hardwood, leather, wood and stone for a wonderful contrast with the technological materials, as well as the vibrant and balanced nuances of light and shadows that permeate the entire place. The furnishings are the ones that give a pleasant space, a unique atmosphere and a personal mark to the entire apartment.

They chose for practical reasons: for easy cleaning, a simple design and a simple color palette, and for a comfortable stay, which guarantees a wonderful bedroom, a place where you’ll recharge your batteries and where you can enjoy beautiful moments.

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