This apartment renovation in High Point is located in the Highpoint district of New York City.

High Point has an area of 3,400 square feet, and was designed by Turett Collaborative Architects.

Apartment Renovation in High Point by Turett Collaborative Architects:

“A study in mosaics, this three-bedroom residence is an example of contemporary architectural artistry. Perched atop Rockefeller Plaza, this three-bedroom, 2,200sf apartment was designed for a young couple – with two small children – who wanted a sophisticated space with fluid, indoor-outdoor connections.

The kitchen and living room have been renovated separately, while the master bedroom and master bathroom were reconfigured from solid volumes to small en-suite bedrooms to a custom three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. The hallway was opened up to the family dining room, giving the hallway an open, airy feel.”

Photos by: Albert Vecer

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