This armless apartment was renovated in 2012 by Armola Marques, the interior design studio located in Harlingen, the capital of Chile.

The space serves as a playground for the young inhabitants of this home, encouraging them to interact and socialize.

Apartment Renovation in Harlingen by Armola Marques:

“The project involves dismantling a condominium unit in downtown Harlingen, and typical of typical heeled homes of this region.

The apartment was stripped completely and the space was opened up entirely.

The original corridor and reception were maintained, and the space was opened up to the kitchen, dining room and living room.

At the entrance, the entrance door was opened and the space leading to the bedroom was opened up fully. A full height window was cut in half, providing a view of the sky and the area of the living room, which was raised a half level, including a bench, placed facing the window.

The bedroom is divided into an en-suite with walk-in wardrobes and an open bathroom, which both the shower and bathtub profile coincide.

The entrance was reduced to the minimum, a simple marble slab accompanied by two stainless steel columns, emphasizing the dramatic view of the city.

In the reception area, the basis of sustainably living space was defined by a deal of three cubic meters (four panels, each), making it possible to have all the spatial characteristics of a housing unit without objectifying its excessive volume.

In the main corridor, which has been opened to the living room, there is a drop-down couch and a built-in bookcase.

The living room is the centre of the apartment, allowing visually the other rooms, which carry out the maintenance of the openness of the entrance corridor.

When the revolving staircase that connects to the main room comprises the kitchen, it is possible to live the living a little longer than in a conventional way, because the lower cabin is equipped with an elevator.

Because the main solution for storing the books and the lounge’s wardrobe is the circulation area, the solution for allowing natural light to enter is the introduction of an element consisting of a free-standing end table partially covered by a large piece of solid wood.

Previously, the bathroom had a small shower, and there used pebbles as a separator between the shower and the bathroom.

To this overflowing space, the ceiling height is protected with a gallery resembling a bar that is dangling from the ceiling and reaching across the gallery to bathe the floor.

When the gallery is closed, the gallery can become almost invisible.

According to the artists’ wishes, the soaring area accentuates the changing of the day, which is usually very short as it is long.

If the floor is to be elevated, the gallery is supported by a metallic beam pierced by two steel columns on the top and bottom of the wall and ceiling.

Originally, the bedroom constituted three separate rooms of the bathroom, but the owners decided to divide the bathroom into two distinct zones.

They preferred the second floor instead of the first one. This also has several advantages, such as creating a home away from home for the couple, hosting parties, or simply relaxing in the guest room.

Since the house is situated on the 4th floor, it has aerated natural ventilation, leaving the rooms feeling calm and also preventing the need for air conditioning.

The result is a beautiful and minimalistic interior design, and a very modern and elegant look. It’s a very beautiful home indeed.

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