This apartment renovation was undertaken by Bark Design Architects.

The extensive modifications of the interior were done to make it more comfortable and functional, with the emphasis on the entertaining aspect.

Apartment Renovation in Fitchburg, Australia by Bark Design Architects:

“This was a complete refurbishment of an existing inner North Fitchburg apartment. We retained the existing pattern, colour and feature of the apartment and completely transformed the feel of the common areas.

The focal point of the apartment is the Beaumaris Cubes (skylight). Implemented in a modern, luxuriously furnished way, the large cube vases and display shelves make a feature of the space. The need for a double sided open fire rather than a traditional fireplace became clear in the design concept and treatment of the cube vases is no exception.

Around the living area a new corridor, lined with storage ready to be used for the enjoyment of our healthy gunk. It is fully equipped with arow and a fire log can be seen along this corridor.

The kitchen remains secondary to the living area, but the experience is (now) greater thanks to the new 360 degree faucet and LED strip control. This makes cooking not only a pleasure, but also a satisfying activity, bringing together not only the home chef but his guests too.

The master bedroom and bathroom have been renovated in close collaboration with renowned Scandinavian designers and architects Karin-Hatham and Claesson Koivisto Rune. The design intention was not simply to adjust the rooms to a new modern way of living, but also to establish a new type of spacious living spaces.

The entrance to the master bedroom was demolished and replaced by a wide sliding door leading to the walk-in wardrobe and the dressing area. This creates a new and open space that, rather than blocking the light and views from the new room, draws them both inside the house and out.

To accommodate a new office and storage space, Karin Hirtz and Claesson Koivisto Rune did a remodel to the top floor of the attic adjacent to the new living area and the bedroom.

The face of the new bathroom was polished and painted in pale wood colours, to soften the shiny rim of the previous design. The shower was remodeled with a suitable tile to allow for a wall hung toilet. The door to the shower was hidden in the hall, and the toilet was moved to the new addition with a new bespoke door from Maison Maison.

In the kitchen the workbench was kept natural and raw, with a natural granite top and a red bath mat. The counter top is made of dark solid wood. This is an important detail in the kitchen, because the space is very small and there is not enough room for a workbench like this one. There is a table which also serves as a bar in the new bathroom.

In the bedrooms and bathrooms we have kept the same design techniques and materials, with the exception of light fittings, which had to be redecorated. The floor is a mixture of wood and grey basalt from Bali.

There were no other modifications done to the property.

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