This renovation of a 1,290 square foot loft located in Denver, Colorado, USA began in 2010 and ended in 2011.

It was undertaken by RIICO, a Colorado-based design studio.

Apartment Renovation in Colorado Springs by RIICO:

“The project consists of a complete renovation of an existing 900 SF main level loft. The main loft space is a typically Denver family oriented house that tends to run the length of the property with most of the space shared between the living and dining areas.

The kitchen and family dining areas were upgraded with new custom pilot table designed by JLF and located on the full width of the loft.

Off the main concrete kitchen counter is a custom designed line of custom millwork that is both decorative and functional.

The kitchen is open all the way around and is divided by a brown brick partition with a double off, gray divider that hides the technical area.

The stair leading from the kitchen to the upper loft is clad in lap larp. The oak wood can be seen from the kitchen to the sofa decking, this design feature creates a warm aesthetic that is continued throughout the loft.

The family room continues the use of the oak wood by the design of both the staircase and railings, but now has a walnut veneer and doesn’t include it in the final picture.”

Photos by: Iwan Baan

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