We have received some photos of this amazing project done by Michael Hennessey Architecture. Located in Buffalo, New York, USA, this apartment renovation included interior remodeling of a 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathroom space.

The need for a complete renovation of the apartment meant greater opportunity for the design team to explore new ideas, new floor plans and unique ways to reduce the acoustical impact of the existing walls. Also new spaces were created to look out to the terrace and beyond and were enclosed by simple glass walls so the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the loft was strengthened.

The Design Studio was responsible for the interior design. A more formal award was awarded the Interior Design Laborator of the Year award.

The views from the terrace which is faced in glass are a very relaxing and open environment.

Wooden panels create a warm feel.

The entrance wall is clad with unfinished concrete.

The living area is a double height space with glass walls facing the courtyard and the terrace. In the large interior space the living room is not separated from the kitchen by a glass partition but rather by a feature wall facing the courtyard with a large sliding door.

The kitchen is a sleek modern space with stainless steel accents.

The bedroom area is on the upper level, facing the street. The glass partition with the large sliding door is barely penetrative. The bright and neutral shades of white and grey create a warm atmosphere and the red chair is the perfect touch of color.

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