When we lose our home, we are left searching for another. We try to find a way to bring back the good old times and the good old times. We become more creative, more creative, more organized and sometimes we even forget to be just right and to have the courage to make all that little bit of change. It’s what this renovation in Bradenton, Florida, suggests.

The apartment belongs to interior designer Lisa Garten who used to live in the building for many years before she decided to buy the place. It was a 70 square meter apartment so she had plenty of space for that. As you can see now, the apartment wasn’t always as friendly and warm as it seems. However, with some imagination and some courage, the interior of the apartment was transformed into a hospitable home.

The designer realized that owning the place was just a waste and the building didn’t give her the same intense joy that she felt when living in her own home. As a result, she decided to rent the place to friends for a brief period of time in order to let them live as she loved in the building. The apartment was thrown out from its original use.

Lisa Garten managed to put a series of walls up on the apartment level in order to allow light in and to gain some space. The furniture was kept to a minimum so the rooms benefited from the maximum amount of natural light. The floors were treated differently in order to increase the sense of spaciousness. I could see how the apartment felt cramped and that was the biggest factor that convinced me to buy it. Now I enjoy its spacious and bright interior, the water tower and the views over the city.{found on nytimes }

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