We love homes that are slightly off the beaten track, and this cool apartment in Boulder, Colorado is no exception. Architect/Designer Clay Connerman of Scape Architecture has renovated this closely-knit bunch of homes by routing the route of the main hallway through the apartment, ultimately turning it into its own space.

The path begins at the front door, which is smack in the center of the apartment. This circular strip offers a small preview of what to come inside.

As soon as you enter the apartment across the central hallway, you can see that the architects kept the front door a central piece of the renovation. It is situated in the living area, which is designed as an open space with plenty of natural lighting.

All of the walls are kept white with a lovely, bright contrast between light and dark, with the floor, kitchen countertops, and hanging lights complementing this simple look beautifully.

The main hallway is the space that creates the first impressions with the apartment, the first point of visual connection between different functional spaces. The way the various rooms are intertwined here is great.

As you enter the living room, you can see how space is tight, making it a sensation to look at the large windows. The overall atmosphere is cozy but also minimalist and chic all at once. Two of the wall behind the sofa are covered with neat white magnetic blocs, just like the halves of a locker.

The living area has a little bit of everything on its sides, with a library ladder leading up to a mezzanine level and the big, cozy sofa backed to the floor by a set of sleek black chairs. A small coffee table stands in front of it and, if there’s not enough space in the living room for it, there is a second seating area on the other side of the corridor.

The dining area is positioned between the living room and kitchen, the two being connected at the same level. They both share a long wall of glass which connects them and allows views of the landscape beyond.

A clear glass railing rises above the dining area to protect it from the elements, both natural and man-made.

The pendant lamp hanging above the dining table is another interesting accessory. Its role is not just to illuminate the dining area, but also to create a visual connection between the two spaces and their decors.

A saggy storage unit is placed above the fridge, creating a practical and functional foundation for the kitchen area.

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