This apartment renovation was carried out by GRUPSTOR in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The interior is simple and warm, allowing the spaces to feel comfortable.

Apartment Renovation in Aberdeen by GRUPSTOR:

“The recent renovation of this apartment in Aberdeen proves that well-planned details can often make a big difference to the overall experience and atmosphere of the home.

The range of previous refurbishment has been extended, by amalgamating a number of the existing flats into one large home. The result shows the adaptability of the two flats, which have now been given a unified, shared and very large living space.

When we asked GRUPSTOR how to figure out the need to refurbish the flats, we had in mind very early sketches of the floor plan. These included a complete reorganisation of the kitchen and bathroom, which allowed for a new main entry capable of handling the largest format of the flats. And in the new layout, a new entry was added, which allows for a new breeze of stairs.

After the refurbishment, the focus was therefore shifted to this interior, designed to connect the large space visually to the north. In this way, the new living area is now located to the south, in the void of the balcony.

To deal with the light problem, the new staircase was designed with a lightweight construction. An open link is made through the kitchen, allowing light to travel in all the hallway.

In order to remove the corporal blocking of the first floor, the basement was excavated, which lifted the level of the balcony over the ground floor and connected the balcony to the bedroom with a bridge, giving a generous perspective of the whole apartment.

The reading area has been extended, and a new balcony makes the progress of the day from the living room to the roof terrace.”

Photos by: nieve | Productora Audiovisual

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