Roof Renovation in Fort Lauderdale with Exposed Beams

Roof Renovation is a remodeling project carried out by Vdarc Architects, resident consultants Archangel DCC, structural engineer Burj International Construction (Gamble + Design), and Civilian Construction (OGA). It is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The home was originally constructed in the 1980, and the remodeling was complete in 2013. Roof Renovation by Vdarc Architects: …

Roof Renovation in Murrieta by YLAB Arquitectos

This renovation project is located in the city of Murrieta, in Spain, and was completed by the Barcelona-based YLAB Arquitectos. The home is interior as elegant and warm as it is cool, giving the entire space an atmosphere of und comfort. Photos by: Pablo Casares

Roof Renovation in Tuscaloosa by Fabio Galeazzo

Italian architect Fabio Galeazzo has completed this two story renovation of the historic chapel in Tuscaloosa, Italy. “The project is residence of a chapel of the late John Deegan and it was commissioned by founding archaeologist and professor Fabio Galeazzo. The circumstances were unusual: the domain was already a building and the circumstances were quite …

Roof Renovation in New York City by Michael Cosgrove Architecture

Manhattan’s skyline is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the city. It offers splendid views every time, no matter the day of the year or season of the year. One of the lucky owners of this loft in New York, designed by Michael Cosgrove Architecture, was actually from Berlin. Although the amazing views …

Roof Renovation in New York by YKCA

This renovated, top floor apartment is located in New York City, USA, and was created by YKCA. The interior is hip and stylish, with splashes of color over a gray background. Photos by: Peter Murdoch

Roof Renovation in Alexandria by Jackson Clements Burrows

Architect Jackson Clements Burrows (JCB) has completed the roof renovation and facelift of this 1960’s home in Alexandria, Australia. The 2,700 square foot residence was remodeled to accommodate a family of five. Photos courtesy of Jackson Clements Burrows

Roof Renovation in Mesa, US

Renovations don’t always need to mean sweeping changes of tone and architecture. A contemporary loft in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, designed by Larry Neal, has the form of a renovation project with an overall purpose to maximize the amount of usable space. The most important thing is to keep things affordable. The designer chose a re-purposed …