Roof Renovation in Augusta by Richard Kirk Architects

This contemporary renovation is a roof rooftop renovation carried out by Richard Kirk Architects, its name being ‘Rooftop Renovation’. Located in Augusta, Australia, the home is characterized by steep roofs and dark wood floors. Photos by: Shannon McGrath

Roof Renovation in El Paso by Wendy Merizo

This renovation of a small terrace in El Paso, Texas, by is done in such a way as to increase the usable space throughout the house. It is a renovation of a simple house, that incorporates elements of the original house that have been preserved in the process. Photos by: Patricia Watts

Roof Renovation in Lowell,MA

Roof Renovation is a remodeling project completed by Far Harbor Studio in 2014. The home is located in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. Photos by: Trent Bell

Roof Renovation in Monroe, UK by Aren’t they gorgeous?

Are you ready for a roof renovation? If so, we’d like to help you by accessing some ground-up photos of this duplex project in East London. Located in the borough of East London, the duplex was originally a Victorian-style apartment located in a meat processor’s shop. The space, beside the owners’ dream of owning a …

Roof Renovation in Asheville, NC by Roof Design Studio

This remodeling of a single-level weatherboard shack located in the forestsed town of Jackson, NC, by Roof Design Studio seems to have been inspired by the surrounding ethically minimalist aesthetic of the surrounding mountains and forests. Surrounded by wildlife and vegetation, the new residence takes on a new grander look and stands out from its …

Roof Renovation in Ontario by Jackson Clements Burrows

Melbourne-based architectural firm Jackson Clements Burrows (JCB) has completed the Roof Renovation in Ontario. This 2,300 square one-bedroom residence is located in Barwon Heads, a highly-populated inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The 3,200 square foot house has won a HHICS House of the Year Award in 2009. Photos courtesy of Jackson Clements Burrows

Roof Renovation in Harrisburg

Rethink your roof deck with this sophisticated roof deck design by State and Veneto Architecture. This business-style modern house is located in one of the most sought-after regions, in a mid-century modern neighborhood of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Designed for a small family, the symmetrical layout of the house was updated to accommodate an extra bathroom and …

Roof Renovation in High Point

This striking 7,000 square foot, three level, contemporary penthouse features an innovative envelope and a striking color scheme. The building offers high ceilings to large open spaces with double height ceilings. It features an elevator providing easy access to the third floor, a large master suite complete with two oversized baths and a wall of …