Home Renovation in Concordia by Memphis Homes

This contemporary home was completely renovated in 2010 by interior designer Claudia isa from Memphis Homes. Located in Concordia, a city in Naperville, Illinois, USA, the 5,100 square-foot home took advantage of a outdoor deck with glass walls that overlook the city and doesn’t overshadow the lush green mountains. Photos by: Maggie Bufe

Home Renovation in San Diego by Frank Shuger Architects

Frank Shuger Architects created this contemporary home renovation in 2010 for a client located in La Jolla, San Diego, California, USA. The focus of the project was to increase the overall functionality of the home while decreasing the impact of the house on its surroundings. This project reminds us of the way sunlight can dull …

Home Renovation in Erie by Urban Space

This contemporary home is a 2012 project by Urban Space in Erie, Ontario, Canada. It is a complete renovation of an existing home that maximizes southern views and incorporates courtyards and trellises for a sheltered landscaped interior. Photos by: Jeff Ong

Home Renovation in Trenton Bonaserr Falls, New York

Completed in 2012, this home overlooks the Bonaserr waterfall. A simple concrete slab path meanders across the water to the glass wall which wraps around the western end of the property. The glass wall allows the water to drain away without creating a large amount of wet soil in the pathway. Located in the Berkshires, …

Home Renovation in Rochester by Studio Durvalo

This rustic home is a renovation project done by Studio Durvalo and located in Rochester, New York. The home was initially built in the 1880’s and had many beautiful features, from wood paneling and brick walls to large windows and thick ceiling beams. Photos by: David Young