Garage Renovation in Irving Park by NIKOVTOMARA architects

This garage renovation was carried out by NIKOVTOMARA architects, who turned it into a complete modern facility. The space is located in Irving Park, Texas, USA, and its renovation took place in 2014. The three bedroom property is open, providing light and fresh air. Its interior, given heavy traffic and wide spaces, is transformed into …

Garage Renovation in Detroit reveals rich, flowery garden

Detroit-based photographer, Keith London loves collecting items that make the difference between a dull and boring urban interior and one that is visually stimulating and pleasant. It is his goal to create both sophisticated and distressed homes which are aesthetically pleasing and spacious, using beautiful splashes of color and carefully selected accessories. It is easy …

Garage Renovation in Leominster, South Africa

This elegant residence is located in Leominster, South Africa. The home is open and spacious, with large windows and glass walls, allowing for abundant natural light to enter the home. Photos by: Aaron Goodring

Garage Renovation in Vancouver by Jackson Heights Renovation

This renovation project was carried out by Jackson Heights Renovation in 2014 and covers an area of 2,400 square feet. It is located in Vancouver, , Canada. The interior is marked by a retro-chic style, with elements of industrial, mixed with a few more delicate ones. Photos by: Joe Keaugh HomeDSGN has received this project …

Garage Renovation in Colorado Springs, Colorado

The recent garage renovation in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA is a modern renovation of an existing structure that employs clean room lines and contemporary elements. The home is oriented by allowing spaces to flow from one to the next, maximizing the effect of asymmetry. It is currently for sale for $3,750,000. Buy it now!