Garage Renovation in Layton, Australia by David Jameson Architect

This garage renovation by David Jameson Architect is located in Layton, Australia. The project was conducted in 2012 and resulted in a unique mix of modern and traditional. Garage Renovation in Layton, Australia by David Jameson Architect: “This small site lies in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, in a moderate block of heritage redwood, dominated …

Garage Renovation in Portland by Emerick Architects

Portland based studio Emerick Architects has completely renovated a single garage space to make four bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Located in Portland, Oregon, USA, this project was completed in 2010. Garage Renovation in Portland by Emerick Architects: “The Bolton Middle home is an impressive tandem garage and storage chalet located in the predominantly suburban neighborhood …

Garage Renovation in Asheville, NC by McAlland Jackson

This recent renovation of an old garage space in Asheville, NC was undertaken by the architectural firm McAlland Jackson. The project consisted of a complete remodel of an existing parking garage from the 1800’s. The space occupies a large portion of the lot and had potential for enlarging and extending the living spaces. The first …

Garage Renovation in Birmingham by Alexander Baker Design

This garage renovation in Birmingham, England was undertaken by the architectural firm Alexander Baker Design, and covers an area of 1,400 square feet. The project consisted of interior alterations and an exterior glass extension to the existing garage, which had previously been the subject of unnecessary internal renovations. Photos by: Kamran Khavarani

Garage Renovation in Las Cruces, Spain

This modest, 2,475 square foot residence is located in Las Cruces, a mountainous region in northwestern Spain. The house was designed by Umbria Arquitectura in 2010. Photos courtesy of Umbria Arquitectura

Garage Renovation in Savannah by Miro Architects

This renovation project was undertaken by Miro Architects, and is located in Savannah, Georgia, USA. The home is spacious and open, with plentiful natural light filtering through the windows and glass walls. Photos courtesy of Miro Architects