Garage Renovation in Visalia

The Garage Renovation in Visalia is a project carried out by Benedini Piresi Architetti. It is located in Visalia, Italy, and was completed in 2013. The garage renovation in Visalia by Benedini Piresi Architetti: “In the entry of the house the lines of the outside and the room of the future superstructural mass are discernible: …

Garage Renovation in Cambridge Square by SF-ID

SF-ID has completed this renovation of a 2,000 square foot storage garage located in Cambridge Square, Hampstead, London. SF-ID Architects has remastered this apartment in green glass, black fiberglass, and polished concrete. It is located in one of the oldest industrial, swing bars in all of London. Photos courtesy of SF-ID

Garage Renovation in Wilmington, Delmotte by Minim

This garage renter apartment is located in Elmwood Heights, a neighborhood of downtown Wilmington, Delaware. The home is spacious and warm, with a few elements lacking in comfort, such as flat screen television. It is currently for sale for $3,450,000. Buy it now! Photos courtesy of JLF & Associates

Garage Renovation in Rochester by Suyama Peterson Deguchi

This garage renovation was carried out by Suyama Peterson Deguchi, principal of Seattle-based studio DDDD. The project consisted of the renovation of a garage located in a corner lot fronting Lake Washington, in Seattle, Washington, USA. The goal was to convert the garage into an attractive housing unit for a young family. The interior has …

Garage Renovation in Worcester by Salvage Found

This garage renovation was undertaken by Salvage Found, and it is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. The interior is spacious and warm, with a fascinating mixture of decorative accessories that add to the inimitable style of the home. Photos by: Jeff Ong

Garage Renovation in Bloomington by’);Design

This garage renovation in Bloomington, Indiana was undertaken by the firm Design*holic from the opening of its office in Amsterdam in January 2004 to February 2004, and was the first major renovation to that home. The building has been fully renovated, and is now an exceptional architectural and interior design museum exhibiting traditional Asian art. …

Garage Renovation in Hartford by Shelton, Mindel & Associates

This garage renovation by Shelton, Mindel & Associates architects is located in the city of Hartford, New York. The renovation consists of a 2,700 square foot addition and renovation of an existing garage into a master suite. It was created by Dan Brunn, principal of Shelton, in collaboration with interior designer Erin McCarty. The 1,750 …