Garage Renovation in New Orleans by Dixon Architects

New Orleans-based studio Dixon Architects has designed this renovation of a garage located in New Orleans, New Orleans, USA. Garage Renovation in New Orleans by Dixon Architects: “Located in a corner lot in the Jefferson Randolph Fire District, the design for this renovation of a garage in an old house on a small infill lot …

Garage Renovation in Pittsburgh by Frank Libeby

Frank Libeby has designed this garage renovation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. As its name suggests, it was done largely in the destruction of the existing garage. The result is, a series of four one-story offices, with a half-level garage and two-story garage, both situated in the top two floors. The Project by Frank Libeby: “Frank …

Garage Renovation in Norwalk by Michael Hennessey Architecture

This garage renovation by Studio Michael Hennessey Architecture is located in the Norwalk section of the Bronx District in New York City. The project includes the renovation of a storage garage which previously served as a painter’s studio. Photos by: Matt Goldberg, Peter Patrick Wong, courtesy of Studio Michael Hennessey Architecture.

Garage Renovation in Monroe Hills by Marshall Architects

Located in downtown Miami, Florida, USA, the recently renovated garage was designed by Marshall Architects. The project includes an expansive parking space, as well as a serene garden. Garage Renovation in Monroe Hills by Marshall Architects: “The challenge was to convert two separate buildings into one affordable family home in the African-style enclave of Miami. …

Garage Renovation in Mercedes by Arquitecteta

This garage renovation was carried out by Arquitecteta, which is located in the city of Mercedes, in the Basque Country of Spain. The home is located in the outskirts of the city, in the Basque Country, and covers an area of approximately 3,000 square feet. Photos by: David Frutos