Church Renovation in Naperville by McAll Kinney

This converted church located in the city of Naperville, Illinois, USA was entirely renovation to turn it into a residence. Under the leadership of pastor John Hanscom, the historic glass wall was opened up to connect the dining room to the converted church. Photos by: Teri Fotheringham

Church Renovation in Wichita Kansas, USA

This church conversion is located in Wichita, Kansas, USA. The project was completed by Taylor Financial Architects. This church renovation was published in Spring 2015. Photos by: Rick Richman

Church Renovation in Montgomery Hills by Berry Lyon Farris

In Montgomery Hills, design and construction company Berry Lyon Farris recently completed a church renovation for a youth church designed to reflect the passion and philosophies of Christ. Located in the foothills of the Glen Raventon Country Club, the North Oak Chapel is a   clean, contemporary open space that reflects the simple, minimal character …

Church Renovation in Billingsa by Southern Grace Architects

Located in Billingsa, Australia, this renovation was undertaken by Southern Grace Architects. The home is an Anglican Episcopal Church and all its parishes are now as lovely as ever, with elegant furniture combined with more contemporary pieces. The renovation took place in 2010. Photos courtesy of Southern Grace Architects

Church Renovation in Murrieta by Tony Owen Architects

This contemporary renovation project is located in Murrieta, Spain and was designed by Tony Owen Architects. The church previously belonged to a Spanish family that wanted to transform it into a luxury home. The details were perfect: in the kitchen, in the dining room, even in the bedrooms, they have customized furniture. This particular project …

Church Renovation in Yakima by Keisuke Maeda Architects

This contemporary renovation project was created by Keisuke Maeda Architects in 2013. The church serves as a meeting point for a whole congregation in Japan, but is at the same time an exhibition side for the architects, being exposed to the public for what it is — an architectural opportunity. The building measures 775 meters …