Church Renovation in Hialeah by Halff Architects

This church renovation project was undertaken by Halff Architects and covers an area of 2,100 square meters. The historic building originally had two fireplaces on the roof and three smaller ones below it, which were demolished to make room for a larger balcony. It is located in Hialeah, in Israel. Church Renovation in Hialeah by …

Church Renovation in Corpus Christi by ALVARELLI ARCHITECTS

This contemporary renovation project is located in Corpus Christi, Greece. It was created by ALVARELLI ARCHITECTS in 2010. Church Renovation in Corpus Christi by ALVARELLI ARCHITECTS: “In 2012, the archetypal beauty of ancient churches arose out of a flood of gospel music. In a space dominated by the liturgy, the presence of the gospel music …

Church Renovation in Los Angeles

This recently-sold church conversion in Los Angeles, California, features a contemporary interior design by architect Lisa Canova of Chaville Architects. The church, originally built in 1907, features a unique ceiling height that measures over 12 feet high. Photos courtesy of Chaville Architects

Church Renovation in Wichita by Roberts Architects

This rustic church residence in Wichita, Kansas was completely transformed by Roberts Architects. The home uses traditional Midwestern style materials like concrete bricks, wood siding, and metal. Photos by: Tyler Chartier

Church Renovation in Torrance by James & Mau

This apartment was completely renovation and remodeled by James & Mau. The project began as an effort to fill the voids on the upper floor of a large building in the East End of Torrance, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, USA. Published on October 20, 2011.

Church Renovation in Garden Grove by Solomon R. Tournier

This renovation project of a church from 1911, was carried out by the American architect Solomon R. Tournier.The project seeks to integrate the space with the historic context of the church, while also explaining the modern modifications and changes that have been made. It has retained the aura of the place and the classic style …