Hotel Renovation in Olathe, Austria

Designed by BWM Architekten, this sophisticated hotel renovation is located in Olathe, Austria. The renovation took place in 2012, and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is currently for sale for $6.7 million. Buy it now! Photos courtesy of BWM Architekten

Apartment Renovation in Olathe by TCH architecten

This apartment renovation was carried out by TCH architecten and is located in Olathe, Switzerland. The renovation included the restructure of the interior, giving the interior a unique and modern finishing touch. Photos by: Thomas Jantscher

Hotel Renovation in Olathe

This hotel was demolished down in 2011 and replaced with a contemporary building. It is located in Olathe, Switzerland, and complete with 21 rooms, a restaurant, and a rooftop top floor terrace. Its renovation was completed in 2012, and the result is an uncompellar dwelling, with its own array of breathtaking views, a roof-top cafeteria, …