Apartment Renovation in Lincoln Park by OFIS Architects

Lincoln Park-based studio OFIS Architects has completely remodeled a 1,400 square foot apartment in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Completed in 2010, this contemporary remodel incorporates a dramatic renovation of both the living and dining room to create a versatile contemporary space for today’s urban family. Apartment Renovation in Lincoln Park by OFIS …

Kitchen Renovation in Lincoln by Studio B Architects

This contemporary kitchen renovation by Studio B Architects takes the house up a notch in style! Perform best of both function and form – the ultra-modern counters and storage elements flow into the laminated details providing an eye-catching effect. Overlooking the main goal – the large windows offer the best possible views of the outdoors. …

Apartment Renovation in Lincoln by Round Architecture

We have received some clear photos of the current interior of this house renovation. The house is located in Lincoln, Massachusetts and was designed by Round Architecture. This renovation of an existing semi-detached house involved the addition of a new kitchen, dining room, and living room located at the rear of the existing house as …

Hotel Renovation in Lincoln Park by Laksham CEO

The latest home renovation project — hotel room renovation — is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. The owners of this renovated space had a number of requests for the renovated hotel: First, they wanted the interior to be brighter and more airy. Second, they wanted the structure to incorporate more small …

Home Renovation in Lincoln, CA

This house renovation was carried out by Poet Architects. It is located in Lincoln, California, USA, and was completed in 2012. Photos by: Alex Hayden

Kitchen Renovation in Lincoln, Massachusetts

This contemporary kitchen was renovated by AR Design Studio and is located in Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA. The kitchen is bright and airy, done in white so it radiates beauty and serenity. Photos by: Jeffrey Totaro & courtesy of AR Design Studio

Garage Renovation in Lincoln Park by Feldman Architecture

Garage renovation in Lincoln Park, California was carried out by Feldman Architecture. The renovation revealed the remaining structure of the house and resulted in a beautiful garage located on the first floor. The owners desired a complete renovation of the space and an addition of two terraces and two roof decks. The 3,300 square foot …

Floor Renovation in Lincoln Park by SHED Architecture & Interiors

This contemporary renovation project was led by SHED Architecture & Interiors, and is located in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA. The home was completed in 2012, and has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It was designed for a family of four, and is for sale for $1.9 million. Buy it now! Photos by: Jeffrey Wells

Roof Renovation in Lincoln by Studio H:T

This remodeling of a small house for a couple and their two daughters is the result of a meticulous renovation carried out by Studio H:T. Located in Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA, the home has a large amount of windows – almost 16,000 – that give residents an abundant amount of natural light. Photos by: Everett Fife