Hotel Renovation in GreenBay – Chinatown, Hong Kong

This is Hotel Renovation in Green Bay, Chinatown, Hong Kong, in the most prestigious address of Hong Kong. With 5-star accommodations to suit the needs of every guest, the interior of the hotel – with its chic, modern style – blends sleek and sophisticated finishing touches. Photos courtesy of the Airbnb Developer

Home Renovation in GreenBay looks on to Modern Harvest Farmhouse

The ­empire One Hill is a stunning modern home set on a 6 acres agricultural land not far from the town of Green Bay, California. The property, with its lush valley scenery and orchard its leaves encourage and welcome people to trek through Gabriella Park to enjoy it. It’s easy to see why, serving as …

Hotel Renovation in GreenBay of Hong Kong

This elegant suite is located in Green Bay, Hong Kong. Its interior incorporates the original charm of the hotel with modern accents to add character. It is currently for sale for around $4,ush $11,000,000. Buy it now! Photos courtesy of The Agency

Church Renovation in GreenBay – Australia

This church conversion design is located in GreenBay, Australia. The Church Builder project was personally led by Christening Wieki Wells and Peter Bonnagutis, and was completed in 2007. According to the architects, “the design is based on two strong ideas. Simple and utilitarian style with a strong connection to the natural bushland is the first …

Roof Renovation in GreenBay, Australia by Shaun Lockyer Architects

GreenBay in Australia is a suburb with a health conscious population of the fauna equivalent standing at more than 80,000 square meters. A quintessential “green” regional water park, the bay is well known for its soothing sound of running water. Here, Casey Maynard architects have designed an expansive remodel of a waterfront section of the …